Springfield, IL

Senior Living



Join us for the opportunity to be part of the most unique community in the United States.



 We are putting together a wonderful retirement community carefully integrated with a new type of college – a college designed just for you.




This new community is planned as an integral part of the college and the new college is an integral part of a new retirement community. Here is how it will work and why it should become part of your life.






First the college




You will be living as a lifelong  “student” at your college. You will go to class when you want, party when you want to or not participate at all. All the course work in the school catalog is available to you and best of all there are no grades, degrees or tests. You can be an active member of advisory groups that pick the courses offered, the professors teaching the courses and the schedule. Not only will your fellow students be fellow residents but for some courses you will be joined by other retirees who have taken up residency in newly remodeled dormitories. As you can see, the college will be very different but at the same time very familiar. Most of the residents will remember university in the 1960′s and fit into the new school with great memories. One of the unique aspects of this college and community is that homes will be “wired” so that you can be in class and not be in class. Lots of new choices!



Lifelong learning is unique. It may involve travel with a group of fellow senior students or just hanging out with people who have unique experiences. While there are regular universities across the country that have obtained grants to provide limited lifelong learning courses and other universities that have built adjacent retirement communities, you will live in the first community designed for retirees combining both continuous living and learning specifically for retirees all at one site.




Your college based retirement community has some other features. Housing is being designed to give lots of options. Individual homes, duplexes, cottages, apartments, condominiums with a wide range of square footages will give opportunity from time to time to transition to a new setting and to never leave the community.




In recognition that growing older often brings on health issues and physical challenges the community will also include assisted living complexes and a skilled nursing facility. Connected with both of these services will be memory/dementia units.


You might be interested in reviewing a list of typical courses that will be available at the college. Also you may want to review the 50 universities around the country that have retirement communities. We want you to see that the pieces of a perfect college and college community are “out there” they just haven’t been put together.




In terms of your new community here is what we will strive for:




* The community will enhance the quality of life and increase the joy of living of all residents.


* There will be a tremendous sense of community


* There will be a significant, sustained effort to promote an environment of continuing learning


* The community will work best if we encourage and welcome all retirees promoting diversity


* We will provide a high quality of wellness programs and high quality health care


* The redesign of the college, the physical settings of the new community will be sensitive to the aging process


* As a non-profit the community, careful stewardship of the financial environment will assure family and individual security